Saturday, October 6, 2007

Perth Royal Show

Well the misses took two of the little nevilles Jacko n' Sarah to this years Perth Royal show, which is held in the Claremont showgrounds each year. As for your's truly I took the other two up to Kings Park playground and I reckon we had a better time (well it was a flamin' lot cheaper!!!).
The kiddies had a beaut time with mum getting show bags, having rides and just enjoyin' a beaut day out.

One of the must-to-do-things at the show was going to the police tent, their they could talk to real life coppers and also as you can see in the photo's the kiddies were able to get up and seat on a fairdinkum ridge-didge police bike...... cool. They also got a showbag from the police with a fair bit of stuff.

The misses took the kiddies through the kids sideshows and had heaps of rides,
As you can see Jack was having a beaut time in the water doge'im boats, looks like a ripper time and yes it was he's best ride for the day.

Here's Sarah having a ride on a fairdinkum carousel pony, she just loved having a ride around on it as you can see.

As you can see they got their showbags and a bit more, have a gander at poor little Sarah she looks like shes stuffed. It was a long day out for the old girl and the kiddies but they had a ripsnorter of a day and can't wait till next year.

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