Saturday, October 13, 2007

Penguin Island

On the weekend we went to have a gander at Penguin Island, which is situated in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park just of Rockingham. You catch a little Ferry across to the Island and then spend the rest of the day just
Beachcombing, there's heaps of different types of animals all over the place.

Like we saw a fairdinkum seal just having a nap on the beach, so we had a little stickybeak at him and then moved on up the beach. The seals occupy nearby Seal Island which is named because seals live there (join the dots).

The Island is a total of 12.5 hectares and has boardwalks all over the place so as not to disturbed the natural surroundings. There's heaps of bird life all over the Island with 2500 pairs of a bird called 'bridled terns' which migrate here for breeding in spring. You also get your normal mob like seagulls and pelicans all over the flamin' place.

And don't forget the main attraction the little fellas themselves The Penguins! this is the largest colony of penguins in WA and is thought to contain as many as 600 breeding pairs. On the Island they have what is called THE PENGUIN EXPERIENCE. It's a little shack that they house a few penguins which in turn gives you the chance to experience penguins up close and watch them feed and swim around in their little pool. It's really great to watch these little fellas walking about and having a swim as they are very fast in the water.

But after watching for awhile it was off again to explore the rest of the Island, and not before long we ran into a huge old sea lion sunning it's self on the beach. Now I don't know if it was a sheilah or a bloke but to take a line from a great Australian legend 'Crikey! she's a good looking sheilah'.

Here we are at an old limestone cave which a bloke by the name of Seaforth Mckenzie dug out and called it 'THE MANOR', this was back in 1918.

And so for the rest of the day we just went beachcombing along the sandy beach picking up cuttlefish and shells, and just having a lazy day walkabout.

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