Monday, November 12, 2007

Some of our Parks

So when it's over 30 in the shade and all you want to do is sit back with a tinnie in the hand and let the eyeballs rest apond the cricket on the telly. What do your little nevilles want to do? Ofcause go to the flamin' Park. Well we've got a fair few Parks about but our favorite two are 'The Vale' and 'Henley Brook' which are both about a ten minute drive from our place. So with 'Fordie' packed with three kiddies and a few sangers n' cookies off we go for a quick Park-hop.
So our first Park is The Vale which is just next door to Elenbrook and is a beaut little playground, as you can see they have these metal Kangas which are just little rippers, they have them placed all around different places in the Park. But the swings are probably the best swings you can point a bloody stick at mate! And the kiddies love them but as usual they have a flamin' man made lake like all the other Parks so you have to keep a gander on the little ones so as not to loose one to a shark!. Just kiddin' these no flamin' sharks here ... they were all eatin' by the bloody crocs! ... na just jokin' again about the scariest thing around here are the flamin' mozzies ... that's true.

So with one Park down we jump into old Fordie and just around the corner is Henley Brook Park, now this playground has also got the man made lake and the swings are good but the best thing is the little walk around the lake and over a little bridge which the kiddies love.

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