Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jacko losses his first tooth

Well today Jacko lost his very first tooth and was he happy, bloody oath! You see the other night he saw Nicko's blog and wanted to lose his teeth just like his mate. I wouldn't be surprised if he hit his face into a door just to loosen one up..... that's my boy. But anyway he lost his first tooth and he was stocked to see that the TOOTH FAIRY .... sorry you have to be correct these days hay, the TOOTH HAPPY GENTLEMAN popped into his bedroom during the night and hay presto. He had a flamin' $2 coin, Jacko was pretty stocked and happy but i did hear him say something about the Fairy was a tight ass mug.
I did sit Jack down and told him how we have four kiddies losing teeth all over the place and if the Fairy had payed him anymore then the poor old sod would have to work overtime..... and you wouldn't want him doing that just for you now would you mate, just imagine his poor old wings flapping about all day during his job hay. Anyway that little talk seemed to do the job and he went away all happy........ God help me when it comes to the talk about 'The birds and the bees'. Somehow I just don't thing some old poof with wings flapping is going to do the job!

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