Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas comes early

Well as you know Christmas isn't until about three weeks away but the misses went over to the Midland Gate shopping center today and brought my Chrisie present. Now that's one of the perks of being a parent, that if you want your pressie early then you get it! but as for the little kiddies then tough luck sonny.
And what did yours truly get for chrisie.... the Terri Irwin story which is all about her and her hubbie Stevo. See today Terri was at Midland Gate to sign her book, so the misses popped out and got the book signed by the sheilah herself not bad hay. I've been reading a bit and it's a real beauty, heres just a little thing she says on there first filming trip.....

'Our cameraman was deathly afraid of snakes, and the carpet python was still in the bottom of the boat. Steve scooped it up. The snake decided it didn't appreciate the turn events had taken. It swung around and proceeded to grab Steve repeatedly on the forearm, bite after bite after bite.' 'Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! a male voice yells. You think it might be Steve, as he is the one being bitten, but actually it is John Stainton. He cries out in sympathy each time the python sinks its teeth into Steve's arm. Although the teeth go deep into the fresh and it bleeds quite readily, there was no permanent scarring, no venom, and no infection.'

and this one on the same trip.....

'one night a big lizard showed up in camp and Steve said Grab it. I dropped what I was doing and picked up the lizard. John and his crew of two went into action. I told the camera everything I knew about Lace monitors.'
'Lace monitors are excellent tree climbers, they can grow up to seven feet long, but this guy looks to be between four and five feet..... and so on and as I put the huge lizard down, Steve leaned his head into the camera frame to have a last word.'
'And they've also got teeth like a tiger shark, mate,' He said with relish. 'They can tear you to ribbons!'
'Thanks a lot', I laughed, after John stopped filming. 'You should have told me that before I picked the bloody thing up!'

Fair dinkum mate its a bloody good book to have a gander at, in this photo Tania says G'day to one of Terri's and Steve's best mates John Stainton.

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